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ecobee3 lite Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat With Smart Home Integration

Why ecobee3 lite?

Save up to 23% annually on your heating & cooling costs

Control from anywhere

Wifi programmable

Detect occupancy & temperature to deliver better comfort in your home



Product & Installation

2X Longer Warranty

FREE Lifetime Monitoring

FREE Customer Notification

Priority 24/7 Service 

Upgrade Your Home

Regina Plumbing and Heating's Complete ecobee Home Package

Relax and enjoy your warm vacation this winter, knowing that your home is going to be safe, sound and nice and warm when you return. By choosing Regina Plumbing and Heating's Complete ecobee Home Package, you will receive: 

ecobee3 lite Thermostat

Live better. Save more.

The ecobee3 lite Programmable Thermostat is Energy Star certified, so you know that it's safe for the planet! Save every month on both heating and cooling costs. Get room-specific temperature and occupancy readings with the ecobee mobile app, compatible with iOS or Android devices. Vacation mode keeps energy use low and easy to adjust, giving you peace of mind while you are enjoying your much deserved time away. Alerts and reminders offer a sense of security. ecobee notifies you right away if it senses something isn’t working, or the temperature in your home is drastically changing.

Representative Company

Official ecobee Representative Company.

Knowing that you are purchasing your next thermostat from a company directly affiliated with ecobee, is peace of mind that you will not only have a highly qualified technician at your door, but one who represents the company of the product being installed. Regina Plumbing and Heating are the official ecobee representatives for the area, and take great pride in ensuring that we install only the best thermostats in our customer's homes. 

Lifetime Monitoring

Peace of mind 24/7.

Lifetime monitoring & customer notifications are just another bonus when you choose the Regina Plumbing and Heating ecobee Home Package. You can rest assured that you will never miss an alert or notification of extreme temperature changes in your home again. Notify us of your best point of contact while you are away, and we will get in touch with you, or your home sitter, at first sign of alert. 

Priority Service, 24/7

24/7 Emergency Services.

Imagine this. You and your loved one are on a much needed beautiful vacation. You just finished a wonderful exotic meal, oceanside, on a warm tropical evening when you return to your room only to find out that a notification came through that your home temperature is drastically changing. Now what? What will you do? Who do you call? How long will it take for someone to get there? 

These are all things you will never have to worry about when choosing Regina Plumbing and Heating. We receive the same notifications, and are already on it! Rest assured that someone will be available 24/7 to take care of all your HVAC needs and troubles while you are away. 

NO Monthly or Hidden Fees

$399 One Time Charge.

We mean that. When you choose Regina Plumbing and Heating's ecobee Home Package you will not pay any additional monthly fee to be part of our notification or priority service. We keep up-to-date with how your system is monitoring your home for as long as you have it. No hidden fees, no monthly charge.

Double The Warranty

We Back Our Guarantee. 

We are so confident in the ecobee Thermostat, that we have decided to double the factory warranty for all of our Regina Plumbing and Heating ecobee Home Package customers! Rather than the 3 year standard warranty, we are going to double that and give you 6 years of warranty. How can you go wrong with that?

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